Welcome to all you hep cats and hip chicks!

This conference is going to be killer-diller with so many exciting opportunities, it will really blow your wig. We begin on Friday afternoon with a 3-hour bootcamp with World Champion of Public Speaking, Vikas Jhingran, who will teach us how to use emotions to capture our audience. You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind workshop that is sure to help you Hit Your Stride!

Hit Your Stride

Join Us!

Join us on Friday night at the Swingstreet Café for a real hip party that will have the joint jumpin’. Come back in time with us to the 1930s and 1940s - the era of Big Bands, Wartime and Gangsters. Dress in character and have yourself a ball!*

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Join Us Saturday!

All day Saturday we have workshops guaranteed to help you nix your fears and get in the groove. Vikas will come back and share the secrets of how he brought down the house on the world stage. The humorous speech contests will really break you up, and you can watch the hippest of the hip helping out their friends with evaluations they can really latch on to. The day will be capped with the Governor’s Banquet in a real swanky joint, so wear your best threads for that one.*

Toastmaster District 61 - Fall Conference 2011 - Saturday

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So, whaddya say? Now that you’re in the know, are you hep to the jive? Click on the registration page and collar yourself a space at the conference that will blow your wig!

Toastmaster District 61 - Fall Conference 2011 - Saturday

Game's on! Contest time!

This is your chance to see excellence in action. Winners at the Division level compete against each other in each of the four contests. Click to find out who the contestants are.


Brian Sutton - Workshop Chair

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