Fall Conference Speakers

Vikas Jhingran - 2007 World Champion of Public Speaking

Vikas Jhingran

Ask 2007 World Champion of Public Speaking Vikas Jhingran about developing and delivering an award-winning speech, and he’ll tell you to simply look inside yourself and follow your passion.

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"The Three Speeches"

This keynote is the story about Vikas’ struggles and jubilations as he progressed through the competition in 2007. He promises that it will exciting, humbling and enlightening. You will laugh and you will cry, but ultimately be left with the feeling - "I want to go through that too". Included in the presentation are each of the speeches he gave on the way to becoming 2007 World Champion of Public Speaking - district, regional and the final speech.


“EMOTE - Using emotions to make speeches memorable”

Emotions have great power and when used well can result in memorable speeches. This workshop discusses the basics of writing and delivering speeches using the emotions of the audience in mind. The material covered in this workshop is unique.

J.A. Gamache – World Championship of Public Speaking 2001, Third Place

J.A. Gamache

J.A. Gamache is a seasoned bilingual orator (French and English) who is used to the World Championship of Public Speaking stages. The key to his talent has nothing to do with a magic wand or a being a child prodigy; J.A. reached these heights by turning discipline into a habit and making the effort necessary to be excellent.

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Keynote presentation in French:

"Excellence is a habit" (L’excellence est une habitude)

In his presentation, J.A. emphasizes the different ways to overcome obstacles, get the necessary support and push away limits to make excellence a habit.

Brian Kilrea - former Ottawa 67s Coach

Brian Kilrea

Brian Kilrea is the all-time most frequently winning coach in Canadian Hockey League (CHL) history with 32 seasons (31 playoffs) under his belt coaching the Ottawa 67s. He is a Hockey Hall of Fame member and a winner of the United Way’s prestigious Community Builder Award.

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