Fall Conference Workshops

Speak Into The Mike! Proper Microphone Usage and Technique

Carl Richards
Carl Richards, DTM

Do you know how to use a microphone with ease? Do you speak into that microphone with confidence, or do you run from them, for fear they’ll inappropriately squeal at you? This workshop will explore the different styles of microphones used by speakers, how to use them effectively with proper voice projection, and how to troubleshoot on the spot when your mike doesn’t seem to be working.

Hit Your Stride as a Masterful Storyteller - Part I

Kathryn Mackenzie
Kathryn Mackenzie, DTM

Storytelling is the most powerful tool speakers can use, since facts only tell, yet stories sell!

Discover how your personal stories can become more captivating and memorable by adopting a few components of the tried and true 9C Step Formula.

Hear about the mistakes most speakers make and how to remedy or avoid them. More importantly, pick up simple tools and techniques you can use right away to hook your audience, keep them hooked by making your stories about and for them and finally, leaving them with a hopeful, tangible take away message that would better their lives. When your message is remembered and repeated, you will have a competitive EDGE over the average speaker!

Difficult Conversations

Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser, CTM-CL

The goal of this workshop is to help people understand why confronting others can be difficult and provide strategies for approaching what we consider difficult conversations. Based on the book Difficult Conversations, the main portion of the workshop will focus on chapter seven ‘What's your Purpose? When to Raise It and When to Let Go’.

Coaches' Corner - A Benefit to All

Lori Lococo
Lori Lococo, DTM

Coaches’ Corner is a brainstorming tool that brings a member’s speech ideas to a group setting. The participant benefits through the teamwork experience by getting many fresh perspectives on a particular speech project. The coaching group benefits through the teamwork experience and by hearing about innovative ways to tackle their own speech projects.

Linking Our New 'Brand' With a Better Understanding of Leadership PROTOCOL

Harry Kingston
Harry Kingston, DTM

As we build upon our new ‘brand’, Leaders strive to project a reputation of being well prepared, well groomed, and well spoken. This Workshop presents a unique opportunity to change our speaker image by understanding PROTOCOL. This knowledge will raise your profile, increase confidence and gain respect from all audiences as you present with poise and decorum.

Write Unique and Memorable Speeches Using Popular Music as a Guide

William Cassels
William Cassels, ATM

Writing speeches to popular music allows the writer to follow the composer's outline and emotion. With the result, speeches have attention getting openings, beautiful middles and memorable endings. The speeches become like songs in the manner that your audiences want to hear them again and again.

Hit Your Stride as a Masterful Storyteller - Part II

Teri Kingston
Teri Kingston, DTM

Did you know that the characters you create in your stories create your strongest connection with your audience? If you want to learn specific techniques to bring your characters to life then this is one workshop not to miss! When you give your characters a chance to be seen, to be known and to be heard in the mind of your audience, they will remember your message long after your speech has ended. This workshop follows Kathryn MacKenzie's "Masterful Storyteller" Part 1 workshop and expands on key elements of the 9C's of storytelling that she will share. Both sessions are designed to be complimentary but are also 'stand-alone" events. What an opportunity to discover all you can about Storytelling from two Certified World Class Speaking Coaches!

What's in it for YOU?

Jack Gammon
Jack Gammon, DTM

Congratulations, you joined Toastmaster’s and have made the commitment to self development. Wait! There is more to it than that! Everyone joining is making a commitment to the Club, the members and the organization as a whole. This workshop will explore the Toastmasters Promise and how following it will enhance your Toastmaster experience.

Writing, Reading, Communication - Keep Your Brain Active

Louise Hart
Louise Hart DTM. ATM-B/CL

Through a combination of reading, writing and conversation exercise the participants will learn how to keep their brain active and last as long as their bodies do. They will develop a fresh understanding of the importance of keeping the mental faculties alive and recognize it is the key to avoiding a deteriorating mind.