Keynote Speaker - Jim Key, DTM
World Champion Public Speaking 2003

Jim Key comes from a background in computer technology, sports, leadership, music, and public speaking. After entering the world of Information Technologies in 1987, Jim developed an IT consulting practice, working with leaders and managers from national non-profit organizations, manufacturing companies, and service companies across the United States. Additionally, he has volunteered for many years in his community and church, working with children and teenagers in various capacities for 20+ years.

Jim’s volunteerism and information technologies background converged in 1996, as he brought much-needed automation to a national youth development program. His efforts led to an invited position of serving 6 years on the national steering committee for this youth program, and to a cutting edge computerized solution that is still in use today. Additionally, participation in the program more than quadrupled during those 6 years of Jim’s influence and involvement.

Simply put, Jim is a difference maker. He believes in unapologetically pursuing excellence, without reservation. This passion for excellence enabled and drove him to become an award-winning speaker. Reaching the finals of the World Championships of Public Speaking an unprecedented three consecutive times, Jim set an unparalleled mark for continued presentation excellence on his way to becoming the 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking.

Though Jim speaks to a variety of audiences, he always speaks from his heart directly to the hearts of the audience members. His presentations include examples to which everyone can relate, as he blends everyday humor with messages of gravitas to produce programs that yield results. You can expect his uplifting message to inspire your people to higher levels of achievement in your organization.

On a personal note, Jim is an extremely devoted husband and father. He has three children: Jay (26), Michael (22), and Veronica (15). He has been very active in coaching soccer, baseball, and basketball with kids in the YMCA sports program.

"Speaking and Leadership Lessons to Laugh About"

Description: Speaking and Leadership...two hot-button issues today. If you want to learn about them in a dry and boring way, this session is not for you! It is, however, if you want to laugh and have a great time, while also learning principles that can lead you to greater levels of success. Join Jim Key, the 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking, as he tickles your funny bone, and drops a wealth of speaking and leadership knowledge on you. You'll never look at either the same way again!

"Maximum Impact: The Art of Using Your Story"

  • Learn how to select a story.
  • Learn how to cultivate a story.
  • Learn how to utilize a story.

  • Have you have heard a speaker deliver an entertaining and captivating address that you felt was incredibly relevant to you?
  • Have you ever wanted to be able to have the same effect?

If you have ever heard the "make a point...tell a story..." method of utilizing stories in your speeches, and you are wondering how to practically incorporate that to a higher degree of effectiveness, this session is for you! Join the 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking in examining ways to select, cultivate and utilize stories that add the maximum impact to your speech.