Chris Ford, DTM, Toastmasters International Past President

Saturday Morning,
Toastmasters: Where Leaders are Made ... even when there's Conflict!

Conflict often happens in teams, and both leaders and team members struggle to deal with it. Good news... it doesn't have to be this way! This session will help you understand why team conflict occurs, how to see conflict as an opportunity and not a threat, and what you as leader or team player can do to produce a positive outcome for your team and your mission.

Chris Ford, DTM is an experienced conflict management expert, and a seasoned leader. As a retired army general, and a Past International President of Toastmasters, Chris has seen lots of conflict, maybe even caused a bit of it! He has completed graduate studies in Conflict Resolution at Carleton University, and also has plenty of hands-on experience as leader of conflict resolution programs at both Citizenship and Immigration Canada and National Defence. He now offers consulting services in conflict management, communication and leadership through his company "Generally Speaking".

Communication and Leadership Award Recipient

Saturday Communication and Leadership Luncheon

The Honourable Peter Milliken, P.C., B.A., M.A.,LL.B, LL.D.

The Honourable Peter Milliken, P.C., B.A., M.A.,LL.B, LL.D. is the Kingston law firm Cunningham Swan's Special Advisor where his extensive experience and judgment have placed him in a unique position to provide strategic advice and guidance on a broad range of issues that benefit Cunningham Swan's clients.

Born and raised in Kingston, he is a graduate of Queen's University and Dalhousie University. Crossing the Atlantic, he also earned a MA in Jurisprudence from Oxford University.

While a partner at our firm, he was elected Member of Parliament for Kingston-and-the-Islands in 1988. Local voters returned him in 1993, 1997, 2000, 2004, 2006 and 2008, making him the longest-serving MP in Kingston's history.

In 2001, MPs elected Mr. Milliken their Speaker. He was acclaimed to the prestigious and crucial House of Commons post in 2004. After the 2006 and 2008 general elections, Mr. Milliken was again elected speaker. In 2009 he surpassed the previous record and became the longest-serving Speaker in Canadian history. He retired from politics at the 2011 General Election.

In 1997, he was awarded the Padre Laverty Award from the Queen's University Alumni Association in Kingston. In November, 1999, he was awarded the Agnes Benidickson Award from the Ottawa Branch of the Queen's University Alumni Association. In May 2001, he received an honorary Doctorate of Laws from the State University New York at Potsdam. In addition to acting as Special Advisor to Cunningham Swan, Peter now serves Queen's University as a Fellow in the School of Policy Studies.

Lori Lococo, DTM, 2012 – 2014 International Director

Sunday Morning Keynote Speaker

Positively Positive Leadership

Do you want to thrive or just survive? Do you want to flourish or languish? Do you want to have a calling or just a job? If you chose the first choice for each question then this is the right workshop for you.

Positively Positive Leadership will be lead by Lori Lococo, DTM, the 2012 – 2014 International Director for Region VI. She has been a Toastmaster for 11 years and is the Administrator at the largest law firm in Niagara Falls. She has been with the firm for 22 years.

During this workshop, we will investigate how you can take any organization, group or relationship and by focusing on the positive, you can achieve extraordinary results.

We are going to explore four strategies from the book Positive Leadership by Kim Cameron.

Through Positively Positive Leadership, learn how to impact your club or organization but more importantly, how to truly impact people’s lives.