Rock the District!!!

Teri Kingston, DTM

Storytelling Techniques that will ROCK your Audience!

If you want to tap into the power of stories to effect change within your audience or your organization, the specific skills and techniques you will learn during this workshop will increase your ability to move, shake and rock your world!

The magic of influence is less in what we say than how we say it. In this fun, hands-on, interactive workshop we will work on familiar techniques such as gestures, tone and timing/pauses as well as learn some new concepts like enhancing virtual reality, reducing irrelevant details and playing with sounds, smells and tastes. Storytelling is a performance art. Side by side with fellow Toastmasters, you will learn to develop your storytelling skills through fun exercises and techniques that can be practised long after the conference has ended.

In this workshop, you will learn and practice specific oral language storytelling techniques and become more effective communicators whatever your line of work or area of influence. Your presenter, Teri Kingston DTM, brings all her years of experience, passion and creativity as a musician, speaker, facilitator and Certified World Class Speaking Coach to share with you in this not to be missed workshop.

Ari Schwartz, DTM

WIIFM: What's In It For Me?

What's in it for me? WIIFM is the question we as human beings are always asking. WIIFM is what your audience wants to know. WIIFM is what you must incorporate into your message. Beyond speaking, WIIFM extends to the real world in the form of job interviews, performance reviews, presentations, sales, marketing, you name it.

The workshop will begin with an overview of the WIIFM concept and its practical applications. We'd proceed with a "before" speech, followed by the audience providing evaluations as to how the speaker could enhance the WIIFM. The speaker would then give the speech again, this time with the WIIFM added in. Then we'd finish up with Table Topics, with selections designed to have each speaker give the audience a WIIFM (or more than one) in his or her table topic speech. From this workshop, the attendee will learn the importance of WIIFM and how to incorporate WIIFM into his or her message and brand.

Name: Muriel A How, DTM, PID

Help Clubs ROCK

Toastmaster leaders learn by doing. By being a Club Coach, you will develop strong skills in assessing needs and finding solutions, writing action plans, assembling capable work teams and achieving your goals. This fun, interactive workshop shows you how to put all these skills together to help a low-member club become Distinguished or better. District 61 needs more strong clubs and more strong leaders, like you, to help them get there. Here you will learn how to plan dynamic club meetings, attract more guests and boost your active club membership. What you will get in return, as a successful Club Coach, is credit toward leadership awards, as well as the gratitude of the club you coach. Toastmasters at any level can come to this workshop to learn how to help clubs ROCK!

Bill Wright

How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint

Based on brain research and adult learning theory the participant will learn how to create presentations to enhance learning and avoid the infamous “death by PowerPoint™.” The participant will learn to develop a presentation and speech that easily allows the presentation to be scaled for 5, 15 and 45 minutes. Participants will learn how to use PowerPoint™ by creating slides in a manner that enhances learning by properly accessing both the verbal and visual learning channels of the brain.

Jim Robinson, DTM

Humour 101: Make your Speeches Funnier

Humor skills are recognized as advanced communication skills in the Toastmasters program and manuals. This workshop will include: How to tell a joke with effective use of setups, punchlines, and pauses; the organization of jokes into humorous speeches; and the use of jokes to make to make serious speeches more effective. There will be an opportunity for audience participation. Jim Robinson is eminently qualified to present such a workshop: he was the winner of the 2001 District 61 Humorous Speech Contest, and has worked for many years as a comedian.

Stephen Fritz-Millett, ACB, ALB, DNARS*

5 Steps to Public Speaking Success

Ever felt like you spent far too much time in preparing for a speech?
Ever felt you delivered a speech that didn’t hit the mark with your audience?
Ever delivered a superb speech only to get caught flat-footed during the question and answer time?

In this Workshop you will learn how to be more efficient at preparing a speech, cutting preparation time by as much as 50%. You will also learn how to improve the logic, structure and balance of your speeches with little additional effort. You will learn how to ensure your speech fits within its allocated time. And much more!

This interactive workshop will provide you an opportunity to apply the 5 Step process in a practical context so that you can use it with confidence in the future.

Stephen joined Toastmasters in Australia in 2005. In addition to his involvement with Toastmasters, he conducts public speaking workshops and coaching for a wide variety of audiences. Over the past five years, he has delivered on average at least one prepared speech a week. In that time, applying the 5 Steps to Public Speaking Success has saved him over 1000 hours in preparation time. Steve invites you to experience the benefits of this simple yet effective approach to public speaking.

His favourite rock star? Kingston’s own Bryan Adams of course!.

*(definitely not a rock star)