Daniel Germain

Daniel Germain

Daniel Germain is the founder and president of Breakfast Club of Quebec

(Club des petits déjeuners du Québec). His mission? To break the cycle of poverty which affects millions of children around the world.

The inspiration to create the organization that we know today came from the many humanitarian missions he made between 1989 and 1996 in Mexico and Haiti.  Profoundly affected by the daily living conditions of these children, he made the decision to dedicate his life to improving the well-being of all children in the world.  Upon his return to Canada, he realized that although in Canada poverty is not as visible as in poor countries, it is a reality and that one of every five children does not have enough to eat. In 1994 he founded the Breakfast Club of Quebec to ensure that every child receives the two most important elements required for learning:  a nutritious breakfast and a nourishing environment. In 2005 he founded the Breakfast Clubs of Canada. The same year the United Nations recognized the Breakfast Club as one of the top programs of its kind in the world.

Daniel Germain also organizes events such as the Millenium Summit, which attracts many celebrities that are committed to fighting poverty. Among these, President William Jefferson Clinton; Mia Farrow, actor and goodwill ambassador to the United Nations; Professor Jeffrey Sachs, adviser to the United Nations Secretary General on the Millennium Development Goals; Craig and Mark Kielburger, founders of Free the Children; Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town and 1984 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.  

Daniel Germain is living proof that our wildest dreams are within our reach. His most ambitious dream is to mobilize enough people that can make a difference so that all children in Quebec, in Canada and the rest of the world will one day have equal opportunity to realize their dreams.

Among the many awards he has received are:

  • 2012 - Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
  • 2011 - Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Exceptional Merit
  • 2010 - Gold medal of the Order of Merit from the Fédération des commissions scolaires du Québec
  • 2009 - Member of the Order of Canada
  • 2008 - Award for Excellence in Health Promotion from Canadian Medical Association
  • 2007 - National Order of Quebec
  • 2005 - Bâtisseur, magazine Commerce
  • 2003 - Jubilee Medal
  • 2001 - Guest of honour of the Prime Minister of Canada
  • 2000 - Medal of the National Assembly