Brian Tyler

Brian Tylex

Brian Tyler loves to perform. It also happens that he is very good at it. Brian is an excellent singer and musician and commands everyone's attention the moment he steps onto the stage.

In the early part of 2013, as a contestant on La Voix, Quebec's version of the smash American TV show The Voice, Brian gave millions a chance to see and hear him perform, and instantly became a fan-favourite.

He now devotes his time to KiX Party Band, making each and every show memorable, and to his own act – Brian and the Bluestorm – which performs across Quebec in between shows with KiX.

At center stage, Brian brings tremendous talent and charisma to the band. He was born in New Brunswick and now lives in Lachute, just north of Montreal. He has been a close friend of band leader Marc Coté for most of his life and for the past 14 years has added his incomparable talent and his special touch with the audience to KiX Party Band.

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