Do you want to know a secret?

We can finally announce the details of our four keynote presentations for the Spring 2013 Conference!

Stand Tall at the Peak! Jana Barnhill

Do you ever dream of climbing mountains? It wasn't Mount Everest, but Jana Barnhill believes that in many ways, she has climbed mountains. Jana is a DTM, Accredited Speaker and third and second place winner in World Championship of Public Speaking. She will share with us how we can, as individuals, clubs and district, climb our mountains and proudly Stand Tall at the Peak! She served as our 2008-2009 International President. During that year, Toastmaster International set records for the number of new members, Distinguished Clubs and Distinguished Districts, which she considers "mountaintop" events. Jana witnessed others climb their own mountains and wants each of us to experience what it's like to do the same.

Which Way Did They Go? I'm Their Leader! Jana Barnhill

The world needs great leaders. How can you become one? There are countless books written each year on the topic. While replete in theory, they often lack practical pointers that can make or break our effectiveness as a leader. Even in Toastmasters-Where Leaders Are Made-we sometimes receive little feedback or insights along the way from those who have gone before us. As a result, some leaders look around at the end of their term to find no one is following. In this session, Jana will share some of the hard lessons she learned during her leadership journey ... lessons that can help everyone become a great and better leader, so very needed today.

C&L Award Recipient - Isobel Granger

Staff Sergeant Isobel Granger of the Ottawa Police Service is an outstanding role model in Leadership for those who advocate on behalf of issues affecting women and children. Her highly respected commitment to excellence, professionalism and service has made a profound difference in the lives of women in Canada and abroad. She began her epic journey as the first black officer to join the ranks within the British South Africa Police in Zimbabwe. She moved to Canada to become the first black female officer with the Ottawa Police Service. Rising through the ranks from platoon leader to Supervisor in the Ottawa Police Youth Section, her excellent communication skills led her to leadership within the Diversity and Race Relations and OPS Partner Assault Units.

Power to choose - Caroline Rochon

Do you believe you have the power to choose, no matter how tough some decisions can be? In July 2011, Caroline Rochon - International Speaker, Certified Professional Success Coach and Trained Professional Organizer - came face-to-face with a challenging situation that ultimately made her realize the full extent of her own power to choose. She believes that by owning every choice we make, we can set ourselves free. Caroline is dedicated to providing inspiration and guidance to individuals and groups, so that we can achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams. Her presentation will be filled with concepts and questions to make us ponder. This keynote speaker is known for winning the Self-Employed Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Professional and Business Women's Network in the Outaouais region of Quebec. She will leave no one indifferent to the power we wield in influencing the course of our lives and facing our choices in the future.