Message from the Conference Chairs

Dearest Lords and Ladies, we would be delighted if you would join us at Castle Montebello April 25th, 26th, and 27th 2014 for the District 61 Spring Conference.

There will be food and dancing, games and tournaments. Prepare yourself to meet the challenges in your life by attending Sir Heath Suddleson’s workshop about Attitude on Friday night. After your training, relax and unwind with wine and cheese, then join us for a Medieval costume party, and dance the night away.

On Saturday, Second Vice President of Toastmasters International, Sir Jim Kokocki, will teach you about leadership. Lady Gina Cook invites all of you to attend her feast on Saturday night, followed by more dancing. All day Saturday and all morning Sunday there will be tournaments (International Speech and Table Topics competitions) in both English and French.

There will also be many workshops to help you to learn to release your inner dragon. What could possibly stand in your way when you have your very own dragon on your side? With so many things going on, you will want to stay the night in our castle so you won’t miss a thing.

Book a room soon, since we know that the hotel will be full and you may have to ride your horse to the castle from far away. We want to see all of you there! Register now for the Spring Conference and learn to defeat the evil giants who stand between you and your success. Stand up and conquer your fears. Be the knight in shining armour you have always wanted to be.

Release your dragon!

Sir Sylvain and Lady Laura Gagné
Co-chairs District 61 Spring Conference 2014