Co-chairs Sir Sylvain Gagné
Lady Laura Gagné
Facilities - Hotel Sir Stephen Gagné
AV Sir Rick Holloway
Registration Lady Sandra Gloss
Sir Mike O’Donnell
Minute by Minute Lady Ardyn Nordstrom
Communications Officer Lady Martine Senior
Volunteer Co-ordinators (Dungeon masters) Lady Nena Nera
Sir Alain Decelles
Webmaster Sir Brian McDonald
Conference Book Sir Luc Pomerleau
English Workshops Lady Lori Holloway
French Workshops Sir Jacques Lauzon
Lady Barbara Power
Treasurer Sir Jules Thibault
Secretary Lady Joanne Burelle
Baskets/Raffle Lady Helene Nordstrom
Sponsorship Lady Kelsey Kuang
Stage manager Sir Craig Senior
BS Advisor to the chairs Lord BS of Montebello
DG Lady Gina Cook
LGET Sir Harry Kingston