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Norma Domey Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Sucess Exploring how understanding and using emotional intelligence can help us get more from life at home, work or play.... This workshop features ways to use Emotional Intelligence for self-improvement, creating high performing teams, and developing truly visionary leadership. Want to improve your relationships with others? Join International Director Candidate, Distinguished Toastmaster Norma Domey, as she shares how to better perceive emotions, use emotions, understand emotions, and manage emotions for “Leadership Success”.
Ray Oikle Raise Your Club Meetings to Their True Potential (Success is a matter of knowing how) This workshop contains an interactive dialoque to identify best practices and proven techniqes for making Club meetings entertaining, informative and educational. We will focus on the performance of the Crystal Beach Toastmasters Club which has been awarded the Presidents Distinguished Ribbon for each of the three years of its existence and is on track to do the same for the current year. Paricipants will learn what we are planning, to overcome some of our challenges; most notably member retention. Short video clips will permit participants to" visit" our Club and they will then be invited to offer constructive advice and opinions to help us and other Clubs to improve their own meetings.
Marilyn Latchford Now Your Talking "Would you like to step out of your comfortable zone and discover what comes naturally to you as a speaker? Come and learn how to enhance what you already have and use it as a stepping stone to achieve your true potential. This interactive workshop will help you take that first step through the use of 'improv' techniques and exercises. Who know what you will discover?"
Nena Nera The Wisdom Workshop An awareness and recognition of how a "model" such as a Coach's Corner" can significantly compliment a Club's Mentoring Program. The sample panel interchange demonstrates to newer and less experienced Toastmasters that they can leverage and learn from the knowledge of these members. These initiatives are helpful ingredients for strong and successful Clubs.
Elton Brown Working in the Team Environment We no longer have one individual in a company that tells everyone what to do. What we have now are team environments. In the business world we are always talking about teams, teawork, team leaders and super teams. If teams are not built properly, teams will not run like a well oiled machine. In this workshop we are going to look at how to develop team rela-tions, encouraging commitment, fostering collaboration, building trust and resolving conflict.At the end of this interactive workshop we will know how to build well put together teams reguardless of the company's goal and be successful.
Vicky Moskowitz Time Mastery is Key for Achieving Goals & Developing Effective Leadership Skills The sense of freedom and accomplishment you'll receive as a result of having time mastery can really enhance your experience not only in general, but as a Toastmaster, as well. You'll simply get more done, in less time. I continuously strive to have full mastery of my time schedule, and a always on the look out for ways to maximize preparation efforts, and encourage you to do the same.