Meet Our Team :


Daniel Gélinas, ACB, ALB

Conference chair

Président de la conférence


A bandit with a formidable reputation, Daniel is renown throughout the West for his leadership skills. Not even the baddest bandits dare to mess with him.


Virginie Combet, CC

Public Relations Coordinator

Coordonatrice aux relations publiques


Don’t let your guard down around this bandit, she’s a charmer! Before you know it, you’ll be registered to the full conference.


When not charming beautiful people, I moonlight as a bandit (quite the successful one if I may say so myself!). I spend my free time talking about the District 61 Spring Conference. I'm just so excited! Can't wait to see everyone there!! 


Christian Charlot, CC




In league with the Sherriff, Christian manages the town bank with an honest spirit and a steady hand.


Luc Pomerleau, DTM


Responsable des commanditaires


Looking to give your company’s bottom line an extra boost? Talk to Luc to find out more about sponsorship opportunities.


Jeff Pedersen

Sponsorship Co-Chair

Co-responsable des commandites


Dina Abdelhakim, CC

Registration Chair

Responsable des inscriptions


Between glasses, Dina spends her time working on finalizing the invitee list for the grand conference.


Walter Chen, CC

Head Facilities Manager

Gestionnaire des installations


When he’s not serving glasses to the local crowd and dishing out the latest news, Walter helps organize the wild wild events the West is known for!


Diann Franklin, DTM

Co-Chair, Sergeant-at-arms and Volunteers Coordinator

Huissière en chef et coordonnatrice des volontaires


Looking to build your leadership skills? Get in touch with Diann to take on new challenges!


Nicole Savoie, DTM

French Workshops Chair

Responsable des ateliers en français


Voulez-vous partager votre savoir? Nicole Savoie est la femme dont vous avez besoin. Contactez-la pour avoir toutes les infos!

Leona Hamel, DTM

English Workshops Chair

Responsable des ateliers en anglais


LuLu L’Amour is reknown for her charm and the workshops she organizes. Interested in giving a workshop? She’s the gal to talk to!

Brian Sutton, DTM

District Advisor

Conseiller du district


Between spa visits, Brian checks on both the bandits and the Sheriff and her associates to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Nena Nera, DTM

Co-Chair, Sergeant-at-arms and Volunteers Coordinator

Huissière en chef et coordonnatrice des volontaires



Lori Holloway, ACB, ALB

Room decorations coordinator

Coordonatrice de la décorations de la salle



Designer : Navid Nayebpanah